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Stereotypical Beings & Those Sick Affairs

As far as you're concerned the next breath that you take should be underwater.

21 February
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Fanfiction whore sums me up pretty well. haha. I'm over-obsessive with music, reading and writing. My nickname is Loz, only because people can't be bothered to say my full name, which you don't even have to put much effort into saying it! It's Lauren! >.<
I use a lot of smilies. Especially at the end of status' on Facebook. It's either a ;) or =D or xD at the end of every possible message. lol
My life revolves around listening to music, and watching movies of almost all types. Although, i'm not all that keen on classics and full blown romance movies... they bore me. Oh, and drama, not so keen on drama either.
When i grow up- hopfully well- i wanna be a writer or graphic designer.
I'm a computer nerd. I can almost fix anything to do with computering, or eletronics in general, except phones, i just tend to fuck them up...
I love yoghurt! I'm random, and i've summed up pretty much what i am to you people. You're welcome! ^^