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Title: Not a Day Goes By, When I Don't Think About Killing You.
Pairing/band: Gabe Saporta + William Beckett
Rating: PG-13
Summary: William Beckett mysteriously died in hospital after a strange day out at Central Park with his best friend Gabe Saporta. Now, two years later, William is back to -somewhat- lovingly haunt his best friend.
Disclaimer: It's about as true as myself believing in Santa. Which isn't true.
Notes: This may or may not continue, it's an experiment, and is being wrote because I had an ever-so-slight case of the ol' writers block. Enjoy the slightly twisted fic before you. ^^

Chapter OneCollapse )

6th Sep, 2009

When I say "I'm Sorry."
Who's to say I have to mean it?

When I say "I Love You."
I never mean it.

"I Love You."
Those three words get kicked around like a football.

Only use them if you really mean it.
Only use them if you know, trust and want to be with the person.

Only use them for family.
Because you have to love your family no matter what.


I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is switchbladepunk@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!
I ordered a chinese take-out last night.
With Fortune Cookies.
I can usually understand my fortunes and come up with some type of theory for... why they may come true or something shitty like that.
But i didn't understand the fortune i snapped open last night.
Not entirely.

<i>"You Will Spend Old Age In Comfort And Maternal Wealth"</i>

It just happened to have something in it...
That i didn't know the meaning of.


What the hell does "Maternal Wealth" mean?

And what if i don't live 'til "old age"? what if i only live until the age of 30 then die of a heart attack because i started smoking pot at the age of 14?
I wont start smoking pot at the age of 14 though.
That will just be plain stupid.
I'll try it when i get to the age of 16.
I doubt i'll only live to the age of 30 either...
Probably a bit older.
Depending on if my comes-out-of-no-where-depression stops.


Comments please, cos i really do not know what "Maternal Wealth" means.

L.A Parry xx

Hide and Seek [1/?]

Title: Hide and Seek

Rating: PG – 13

Pairing: William Beckett/Gabe Saporta + Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie.

Chapter: 1/?

POV: 3rd; Gabe, William, Ryan.

Summary: What is scarier than a game of hide and seek in a manor house late at night? Especially when you're unable to even see your seeker's face, until they've found you.

Disclaimer: The plot/storyline is mine, people aren't, unfortunately. Ja, they all belong to eachother.

Notes: Nothing really THAT great, it'll probably be a fairly short story. The POV's change quite a bit during the chapters, but you'll know about those. ;D Mostly based around Gabe and William, but there's rydon/den involved! hurray! Enjoy, comments appreciated.



This was the most terrifying game of hide and seek William had played in his 18 years of living.Collapse )




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